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Project:      The habit of running     


“The habit of running” (THOR) is an EVS initiative of Multisport Experience Sport Club from Arad in west Romania. In general project involves 10 EVS volunteers from different countries spending 9 months each stage, in Romania, leading the active and healthy lifestyle of amateur runners as well as promoting running as a sport activity, hobby and the lifestyle. Volunteers’ work includes the research about running, promotion of running in electronic space, involvement of young people in running activities and development of partnerships with local organisations/companies. Project is divided into 2 stages. In first stage, there participated 5 EVS volunteers: Johanne Berg from Denmark, Armagan Alkoc from Turkey, Jairo Velasco from Spain, Fabien Martinez from France and Javier Navarro Morales from Spain. The first EVS stage lasted from 1st  of March 2014 to 30th of November 2014. The second stage started on 1st January 2015 and will last until 30 september. It involves 5 volunteers: Antonio Vavalle from Italy, Cristian Butrago from Spain, Claudio Moldes and Joao Dinis from Portugal, Zekeriya Buyukgumus from Turkey.

            The main objectives of the project for the local community are to:

Inform 500 persons about the benefits of running for the health

Involve at least 100 persons in at least a running activity

Using at least 5 different non formal methods to promote running

Realizing at least 20 partnerships with companies/institutions/NGO-s to promote running as an important element, among others, for a healthy lifestyle

Involving at least 50 persons in at least a cycling activity 

Participating in the life of hosting community by taking an active part in at least 3 cultural events per one month of the stage

This project features development and management of virtual community of runners gathered around Multisport Experience Sport Club in which EVS volunteers take an active and crucial role.


As for the learning dimension this project develops innovative competence – sport competence- which will be starting point for Multisport Experience Sports Club to make this competence acknowledged among other YouthPass competences developed by European Commission. Within the learning dimension EVS volunteers are supported by an innovative learning tool – the Electronic Resource Center.