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Project:      The habit of running     


The activities of “The habit of running” project are:

  1. Weekly based running in the group of members associated with coordinating organisation

  2. Realising running meetings

  3. Research about healthy diet and lifestyle

  4. Research and promotion for anti-drug, anti-alcohol and anti-smoking attitudes

  5. Promoting running in schools, universities, companies, institutions;

  6. Facilitating the group running: preparations, meetings, trainings, motivation, promotion, etc;

  7. Proposing new running routes in the area;

  8. Working on partnerships and developing them in local neighbourhood;

  9. Research on running as hobby, lifestyle and sport;

  10. Promoting bicycles and cycling – inside and outside of the city;

  11. Managing and updating virtual community of runners gathered around Multisport Experience Sport Club.

  12. Taking interviews with members of Multisport Experience Sport Club.