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Project:      SUPPORT FOR SPORT     


Project results:

The sport events where SFS volunteers was part of organizing team represents the most important activity of the project:

1. Marathon, half marathon and cross road of Arad

2. Tomatoes festival – on bike

3. Green Duathlon of Arad

4. Triathlon of Arad

5. Funsbee 

More details in the section "EVENTS" of this webpage, with a click!

Materials created in SFS project and other resources you can see in the section " RESOURCE MATERIALS".


Online e-book of the project and After EVS Guide you can see and download below with a click: 





Project objectives:


The main idea of the project is that the volunteers will take an active role in supporting the teams which organize sport activities:

1. First they will be trained

2. Secondly, they will be a part of the organizing sport activities applying the theory

3. Thirdly, they will coordinate sport activities 

4. Fourthly, they can teach others what they know so that the things they know will be used and cemented (dissemination tools, preparing others etc)

The system we describe here will be applied to each event which will be realized in 2015 and there the volunteers will be a part of the organizing team in at least 3 of them and for the last one they will create something on their own, applying what they have learnt so far: Marathon, half marathon and road running of Arad, Tomato festival on bikes, Casoaia Bike Race, The Green Duathlon.

The basic elements of activities planned for SFS volunteers are listed as their work packages, strictly connected with tasks and objectives of the project showing clearly the way of how to achieve the competences needed to find job in future. Each area can contain but it will not be limited to the next steps to be followed by the volunteers, described on each of the sections.

I. Photo and video section

1) Prepare a photo and video plan

2) Make photos of and for the participants

3) Create a representative movie for the event - capture the best moments from preparation to evaluation of the events


II. Logistic section

1) Establish the roles inside the teams

2) Establish the goods’ flow during the event

3) Make the map of the place for the event

4) Prepare the rules, the food/fruits/water for the events, the places for audience, participants, speakers, team, the communication panels, the risk management plan, contact list, the scenario, the tables, chairs, banners, gates, laptops, photo and video cameras, prizes, kits for the participants, microphones, speakers, projectors, podiums, medals, certificates, pens, bags, first-aid kit, the package for the participants (venue, time, things to bring, rules, numbers, t-shirts) etc

5) Make a rehearsal, take notes of what was going right and what not and prepare the event according to this last feedback

6) Regularly update the website with the main information for the public

7) Checking the microphones, stage, gates, toilets etc

8) Arrange the tables, chairs, banners, gates, laptops, photo and video cameras, prizes, kits for the participants, microphones, speakers, projectors, podiums, medals, certificates, pens, bags, first-aid kit, communication panels etc

9) Open the event: presentations, rules, participants, quests etc

10) Start on each sub-event/course

11) Offer the prizes for the winners, participants

12) Closing the event

13) Clean up the spaces

14) Send feedback forms to the participants

15) Send thank you letters to the participants, donors, partners, team members


III. Preparing the sport routes section

1) Research and measure the routes

2) Get the necessary authorizations from the city hall, police, ambulance etc

3) Arrange the routes for the day of the event

4) Insert the necessary panels

5) Update the web-site with the proper information 

IV. Managing the groups of local volunteers section

1) Prepare a local volunteers plan: preparation of the organization, recruitment, selection, motivation, rewarding and evaluation

2) Apply the recruitment process

3) Select the volunteers

4) Match the volunteers profile with the necessary work

5) Implement the orientation and training for the local volunteers

6) Motivate the local volunteers


V. Preparation of partnerships section - this area can contain but it will not be limited to the steps described on the next chapter, focused on partnerships.


VI. Promotion the events, promotion the healthy lifestyle section - this area can contain but it will not be limited to the steps described in the chapter dedicated to the partnerships.


VII. Fundraising section - This area can contain the steps described on the partnership section. 

Each section will have the steps described and, at the end this which will be repeated:

• Evaluate the section

• Celebrate the accomplishments

• Plan the next cycle based on the conclusions so far

Those work packages are focused on gaining as many as possible competences to find a job in future in the area of organizing events – especially with sport themes. But not limited to. All those carefully planned work packages are focused on volunteers working individually and in teamwork to achieved mentioned competences in 9 months of project duration. 








The objectives of the project ”Support for sport” can be consulted below:

1) The EVS volunteers will practice at least one sport for at least 3 hours every week during 9 months of the stage.

The volunteers will have the possibility to choose what to practice from at least the following 3 sports which the organization promotes: running, cycling, and swimming. Also, they will be supported to be involved in at least 2 sports events but this time as participants and not in the organizing team.

2) The EVS volunteers will participate in intensive training courses focused on at least 5 subjects from the list below, during 9 months of the stage.

The subjects available will be the ones here and the selection is based on their preferences and the needs of the partnership:

• Romanian language

• Organizing events from outside to inside

• Identifying, mapping the stakeholders

• Promoting the events

• Benefits of sports

• Running, cycling – basics

• How to film, how to take proper photos

• Leadership, how to lead people


3) The volunteers will be involved in organizing at least 4 sport events for amateurs in 9 months of the stage, in 2015

After the training courses, once they are ready, they start to apply what they learnt so far in at least 3 events of CSEM from at least the ones listed below:

• Marathon, half marathon and road running of Arad

• Tomato festival on bikes

• Casoaia Bike Race

• The Green Duathlon

- other

Finally, the volunteers will create and organize at least one small sport event during 9 months of the stage, on their preference, this time and here they can apply everything they got in terms of competences necessary to organize sport events. Finally they will have at least 4 events where they took an active part.


4) Encouraging at least 500 persons to be involved in sport activities as an essential part of the healthy lifestyle - during 9 months of the stage

The EVS volunteers will play an active role in developing a dissemination plan and act according to it, in order to promote a healthy behavior among the residents from Arad County and Romania.


5) During 9 months of the stage, the EVS volunteers will teach at least 20 local volunteers what they accomplished from organizing sport events and how to prepare the future local teams which can continue their work in 2016.

It is time to share with the others the competences acquired, to celebrate the all process, to prepare the local teams which will act on the ground in 2016 when they will no longer be there but their work will be continued!