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Project:      SUPPORT FOR SPORT     


SFS project team

Delia Roman – legal representative/financial responsible/coordinator

Nistor Cristina – project supervisor/facilitator/trainer

Adrian Popa - Romanian language teacher/mentor

Adrian Gelu Glogovetan, Galis Ruben  - sport coach/support person

Galis Ruben  - sport coach/support person

Ania Azuka-Ile - Romanian language teacher/mentor

Tomos Roxana – Mentor

Victor – Support person

Georgiana Mihut – Support person

Diana Rotaru – Support person

Andreea Vesa – Facilitator/support person

Michal Piatek – Trainer/Support person




The pleasure of movement and the desire to promote sport as one of the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle have brought us together. We started to become a team by running in a group and, especially, by participating at organizing events dedicated to sport.

At the end of 2012 we set up in a sport club called Multisport Experience Club.
On long term we aim to promote and practice a wide range of individual and team sports, depending also on members’ preferences.

We begin with:

- Promoting and practicing especially short or long distance running, swimming and cycling;
- Promoting and practicing marathon, half marathon, ultra marathon;
- Promoting and practicing triathlon;

In the future we also want to reach other levels such as:
- Proposing and implementing activities, projects and programs in terms of sport, organizing competitions, events, projects, locally, nationally and internationally;
- Organizing sport courses, seminars, conferences, camps, training camps and other activities based on methods from formal or non-formal education;
- Participating at local, national and international competitions;
- Increasing the access to information and programs dedicated to sports;
- Increasing the practice of various sports by citizens;
- Supporting specific voluntary activities regarding sport, civic participation and active citizenship;
- Promoting the common interests of members organization on sport plan;
- Encouraging practicing performance sport;
- Developing collaborations with similar structures, association within some federations or other types of representative bodies, national and international affiliations;
- Forming a healthy lifestyle among youth;
- Developing management and leadership skills of young people on sport level;
- Making sports activities on the following areas including, but not limited to: athletics, swimming, cycling (cycling city, cyclotourism, mountain biking, mountain biking, etc.), triathlon, duatlon, sports orientation, active tourism, mountaineering, chess , skating, skate board, skiing, dancing, hiking, badminton, basketball, bowling, billiards, kayaking, canoeing, darts, fitness, football, football tennis, gymnastics, paintball, fishing, polo, bowling, roller, karate, tae bo, table tennis, tennis, shooting, volleyball, etc..
- Promoting ecological principles, environmental protection and education of youth in the spirit of respecting nature and sports;
- Promoting European values and development of intercultural programs;

Multisport Experience club realised the proposed objectives, for first 3 years, until the end of 2015:

  • To involve in a running event at least 1% from Arad city population (at least 1479 runners)
  • At least 30 members of the organisation to have a half marathon realised (21.097 km);
  • At least 15 members of the club to have a marathon realised (42.195 km);
  • At least one member of the organisation to have an Iron Man realised (3.8 km swimming, 180 km riding a bike, 42.197 km running)

From these perspectives, the project can support our dreams for the benefit of the local community especially in the objective number 1. Once the people will start to run, they would like to check their performance in a big running event.

We treat “Support for sport” project as an excellent opportunity to emphasize even more the mission of our organisation to promote running and healthy lifestyle not only at local level but by involving the EVS volunteers into activities at European level.

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