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            “The Municipality of Arad is placed in the western part of Romania, in the alluvial field of Arad, at the intersection of some important national and international traffic highways. The Mure? River crosses it from east to the west.  The Municipality of Arad has a rich cultural and historical patrimony. It offers to the visitors a real out-door museum of the architectural styles specific to the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, art and historical monuments, theatre performances, philharmonic orchestra concerts, plastic art exhibitions, history museum exhibitions, art and sciences of the nature, festivals and feasts.

            The architecture lovers can admire buildings erected in baroque, renaissance, eclectic, classic, neo-gothic and secession style, and the most well known monuments of architecture.

            Total population (2011): 147.922 inhabitants out of which 8.23 % are Romanians, 10.61 % Hungarians, 1.71 % Gypsies, 0.84 % Germans, 0.29 % Serbians, 0.22 % Slovakians, 0.13% Bulgarians and 0.85% other.

            You can see images and find out more about the city, visiting the town’s official web site at:

            Arad town has a multi-ethnic and multi confessional character. We have Orthodox churches here, belonging to two communities: Romanian and Serbian. There are also Catholic churches, Reformat churches, Lutheran churches and of Mosaic religion. We have also neo Protestants churches like: Baptist, Adventist and Pentecostal churches.

            Arad is an academic town; here we have two well-known universities, “Vasile Goldis” Western University and Aurel Vlaicu University, with over 7 000 students.

            As far as the high schools from Arad are concerned, they have around 10 000 teenagers.

            Arad offers great leisure opportunities to its inhabitants but also to its visitors.

            In the summer time the best place to be in Arad is what we call “Strandul Neptun”, a swimming complex, which has apart from swimming pools, a lot of other places, such as: bars, restaurants, recreational areas – all of them situated in the very heart of the city, near the fortress of Arad.