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Project:      Many Faces Of The BICYCLE     


“Many faces of the bicycle”



Project type: European Voluntary Service from Erasmus plus programme

Title: “Many faces of the bicycle”.

Duration: 9 (nine) months with stages starting in 01.10.2016

Venue: Arad / Romania

Activities: The major idea of the MFOTB project is promotion of bicycle as a tool in many dimensions and cycling as activity in local neighbourhood of Arad.

EVS volunteers will have a target of involving 150 new persons to cycling activity with 9 months of stage duration. Those 150 persons, together with local CSEM volunteers, coordinating team and EVS volunteers themselves, will create local community of cyclists gathered around CSEM organisation.

Projects activities will concentrate around identifying the needs of local community of Arad in 3 basic areas, using bicycles as a tool:

  • Bike and its role in sport (promoting sport activities)
  • Bike and its practical role in society (cheap transport, ecology, road safety)
  • Bike and its positive influence on human health (recreation activities with the use of bike)


The target of the project  for the volunteers is to gain at 5 solid partnerships with a local authority or NGO or private company to deal with a problem found in the process of identification of needs of local neighbourhood regarding using bikes as tools in chosen areas.

MFOTB project will focus on close cooperation between EVS and local CSEM volunteers.

MFOTB project is a second froma trilogy of 3 EVS projects planned by CSEM organization to promote 3 major sport activities in our club: running, cycling and swimming. You are taking part in history!

In connection to these activities major tasks and objectives of “Many faces of the bicycle” are:

  1. Developing the necessary competences for cycling, in  9 months of the stage duration;
  2. Gaining the competences of planning, realizing and evaluating of a cycling event in  9 months of the stage duration;
  3. Developing the knowledge, abilities and attitudes regarding cycling road safety in  9 months of the stage duration;
  4. Implementing raising awareness campaign by organizing at least 18 workshops for public regarding cycling road safety and promotion of bicycle as a tool in 3 dimensions in  9 months of the stage duration;
  5. Updating, managing and moderating the virtual community of cyclists gathered around the activities of CSEM organisation


Methods: non formal way of education (learning by doing) and learning through sport

All You need to be a volunteer is:

  • strong motivation to spend 9 months in multicultural environment of Romania
  • strong devotion to cycling as major sport activity of the project
  • strong believe in non-formal way of education and learning through sport
  • ability to focus and do full time voluntary work

Other conditions: are determined by Erasmus plus programme. We provide food, accommodation, training cycle and travel costs (up to the limits of Erasmus +).




Thank You!

CSEM team

For our events and hosting organization: 

For pictures: acces our facebook page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MFOTB



Many faces of the bicycle"(MFOTB) este al doilea proiect EVS planuit de CSEM in trilogia care va promova 3 sporturi principale CSEM:alergatul,ciclismul si inotul. Printre proiectele propuse,CSEM adauga educatia informala in promovarea sportului local. Voluntarii EVS,voluntarii locali si vecinii, vor avea unica oportunitate de a ajunge educati fara metode non-formale si de a avea grija de propria sanatate prin a face sporturile propuse.