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Project:      Many Faces Of The BICYCLE     



MFOTB volunteers have created and were involved in many activities that helped them develop their personal and professional skills and abilities. Here you have some pieces of information regardig the actual activity they had and the methods they used to make their work efficient and interesting!



Facebook Page


This specificaly was the problem of the EVS Volunteers that were involved in MOFTB project.  Who are we? What are we doing? What is the purpose of this project? What does MOFTB mean? There are the questions they had to answer, so the community can meet them, talk to them and trust them.


MFOTB volunteers realized the importance of keeping in touch with the followers! It is of most importance to create a public page for your project. This can be a great oportunity for you to stay connected with the community you want to organize the project in. However, this is not enough. They had to take care of that page and post regularly. This strategy brought them visibility and make their  chances of having a successful higher.




The Publication is another great method of keeping in touch with the community. Some people do not have a Facebook Account but they are used to reading online newspapers. It is important for your activity to advertise it in order to have an impact and why not expanding the target group. Make sure you cover every way of communication according to the target group so you make sure the information is delivered.

The EVS volunteers involved in MFOTB chose to implement this method to promote the bike comunity and to promote the connection between the bike community in Arad and european network of bike routes Eurovelo, in Szeged.

They suggested creating a bike route from Arad to Szeged having the aim of promoting the cyclotourism in the region.


Contest - Endomondo Cycling Challenge


If you are going to create and implement an activity which is realetd to sports and cycling, then Endomondo Method can be a great idea. The MFOTB volunteers created a cycling event based on this free application that tracks the kilometers when you ride your bike.

To involve as many people as possible and create an attractive event for every group age, they gave incentives, such as gifts, participation diplomas and prizes for the winners.

This can be a great idea to gather the locals into a competitive event that has its final aim to motivate and to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Spinning Events



Spinning events were a trademark of MFOTB. The volunteers from both stages organized spinning classes for the locals or for other EVS volunteers. They managed to create a strong community that had fun by being healthier. It was not easy to facilitate such events but they managed to create a partnership with a local gym and once a week, they had the spinning class.

The spinning events were a great way for the volunteers to get to know the locals and for the locals to meet the EVS Volunteers and exchange good practices, experiences and cultures. As a consequence, they gained the confidence and the trust of the locals, having more and more participants for other events.




One of the main objectives of the project was to inform people about the advantages of riding a bike and about the legislation and traffic signs. By using non-formal methods, they manage to raise awareness in the young community of Arad about the dangers and problems that may appear if one does not pay attention.

School presentations and workshops can be your best friends if you know how to use them. Make sure you create a presentation that you would want to attend!